Ask Jürgen

Based on my 30 years of experience in the jewellery trade, I have compiled for you a list of the most frequently asked questions.

My silver jewellery has tarnished. What can I do?
Silver jewellery can easily oxidise and tarnish, making it appear darker. For quick cleaning at home, we have special dip baths and cleaning cloths for you. For more stubborn cases, we would be happy to clean your jewellery professionally.
How do I care for my pearl jewellery correctly?
Pearls are real wonders of nature and are extremely sensitive. Perfume, cosmetics or hairspray can dull the shine and irreversibly damage the pearl’s organic matter! We therefore recommend only putting on your pearl jewellery after make-up. After wearing, gently rub the pearls with a soft wool cloth to remove greasy residue. Store pearls separately from other metallic jewellery in a special case or cloth bag.
My watch has fogged up inside the glass – what can I do?
With a sudden change in temperature, slight condensation may occur under the watch glass. As a rule, the condensate should disappear without affecting the function of the watch. If it remains, you should contact a watchmaker.
Is my watch (still)waterproof?
Most watches are sealed to make them waterproof and dust tight. The degree of protection is usually specified in metres or bar (10 metres = 1 bar). Note that the rating ‘30 m’ or ‘3 bar’ only means that the watch is protected against moisture such as sweating or splashes of water. If you want to wear your watch while swimming, it would require a tightness rating of at least 10 bar. Over time, the seals can become porous and water permeable. We therefore recommend having your watch checked regularly for leaks.
My automatic watch has started running inaccurately – does it need a service?
Mostlikely, yes. A watch’s movement requires special care. To ensure its functionality and longevity, it should be serviced at intervals of 5 to 10 years. Even if you have not worn your watch for a long time, a service is still recommended.
Is gold still a good investment?
Yes. Gold has continued to increase in value over time. What’s more, you can also decorate yourself with your investment and enjoy twice the benefit.
I have inherited some jewellery, what should I do with it?
Bring it in for evaluation as extensive advice is required in such cases. In essence, you have three options: Jewellery can hold personal memories and be given a new lease of life with some freshening up. Remodelling is another option if there are specific elements you want to preserve. The third option is to have the heirlooms melted down and the gemstones removed and to use the proceeds to select a beautiful new piece from our range.
How can I discreetly work out my partner’s ring size?
Bring us an existing ring for a professional sizing. However, please be sure to bring a ring from the correct finger.
How often should I bring in my jewellery to be checked?
Better too often than too infrequently. Of course, it very much depends on how often you wear your jewellery and the stress it is put under. In general, however, I would recommend a check at least once a year. If necessary, your jewellery will be cleaned and we will check the condition of the individual item.
Why do my earrings tilt?
Believe me, you are not alone with this problem. There are many possible causes. Often, simply replacing the backs on larger models can help increase the counter pressure on the back of your earlobe. We strongly advise making a personal visit in this instance!
I can no longer slide my ring off over my knuckle, is there a solution?
Yes. Have you already tried dislodging it with hand/body cream, soap or warm water? If all else fails, we can cut the ring off your finger professionally and painlessly.
Which chain length should I choose?
Let me ask you: what are you planning to hang on the chain? What is your preferred neckline for clothing? Or are you looking for a simple chain without a pendant? I would need to meet you in person to be able to give a recommendation!
We are having a child, what gift should I choose for my wife?
A beautiful piece of jewellery to celebrate the birth of your child is sure to be memorable! A diamond-encrusted eternity ring is the perfect choice. Make it even more special with a concealed, laser-engraved personalised message of love.
We are getting married, when should we buy the wedding rings?
Well in advance! In most cases, it can take a number of weeks to choose your wedding rings. Be sure to dedicate plenty of time to the selection process! Because don’t forget: the rings and the photos are your only physical souvenirs of the wedding day.
How much should I budget for an engagement ring?
Dear men, keep in mind that your engagement is probably one of the most important moments in your future wife’s life and engagement rings are often also passed down through the family. But don’t worry, we have the perfect piece of jewellery for (virtually) every budget.
I bought some jewellery from you, do you accept exchanges?
In most cases, yes. Provided that the item is in sound, unworn condition and, of course, the item must be exchanged within a reasonable period of time. Excluded are bespoke pieces that have been made to order or specially made. Jewellery sold at promotional prices is usually also excluded.
I’m a hunter, do you also make jewellery featuring game trophies?

Yes. In our goldsmith’s workshop, we have already made many such bespoke pieces. And they do not always have to be traditional designs featurin goak leaves or similar. Hunting jewellery can also be modern and casual!
My partner doesn’t really wear jewellery, what should I buy to treat them?
We have many other beautiful gift ideas and accessories with which to surprise your loved one, including writing instruments, hand-painted mammot hivory miniatures, leather accessories, key fobs etc. We can also make accessories such as hat pins or professional table decorations. And a personalised engraving makes everything a one off.
Can I buy loose diamonds or gemstones in different colours from you?
Yes. I would be happy to advise you personally. Different colours and types of gemstones can have different meanings so have to be selected carefully.