Gebrüder Armbruster, jeweller and goldsmith at the Tiroler Schmuckkastl in Seefeld, Tyrol, since 1937.

Jewellery valuation

This is recommended for higher value pieces of jewellery. Proper documentation of your jewellery, whether for insurance or inheritance purposes, is essential.

Jewellery cleaning

Leave the cleaning of your jewellery to us. Not every piece of jewellery is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, not every gemstone can be treated the same. Caution and expertise are required.

Remodelling & repairs

Even jewellery occasionally needs afacelift! We would be happy to advise you on remodelling options or repair yourpersonal items of jewellery expertly and professionally.

Stringing pearl necklaces

Pearlnecklaces should be restrung at regular intervals depending on the frequency ofwear. External conditions can make the thread brittle, expand or simply nolonger look clean. We clean and string your pearls on our premises. Besideskeeping your necklace securely fastened, a new clasp can also make it lookbrand new.

Watch strap replacement and adjustment

We canalso replace, repair, clean and adjust watch straps, from classic leatherstraps to sporty rubber straps and metal watch straps.

Ear piercing

Mostly (but notexclusively) a service for our smallest customers from 3 years. We pierce earsunder the highest hygiene standards. On request, we numb the earlobe and arehappy to do both ears at the same time. An appointment is recommended.

Gemstone setting

Lost a gemstone from a piece of jewellery? We will be happy to replace it for you professionally in our goldsmith’s workshop. We stock a wide range of loose gemstones. Sometimes, however, customgrinding may be required.


We’ll repair your personal items ofjewellery expertly and professionally. For more complex repairs, we are happyto prepare a cost estimate in advance. We provide professional advice and,where appropriate, may also advise against a repair.


Engraving makes a piece of jewellery evenmore personal. You can choose between traditional manual engraving andstate-of-the-art laser engraving. We also offer special custom engravings, suchas family coats of arms or signet rings.