The art of Goldsmithing: creativity, precision and technology

s soon as you enter the Tiroler Schmuckkastl, it is clear how integral the goldsmith’s workshop is to the business. Through a window, you can watch Stefan as he works. A small insight into a fascinating world: one minute, a master goldsmith might be working with traditional tools such as saw, file or pliers and the next operating state-of-the-art machinery. And if Stefan remains focused on his work, ignoring your inquisitive glances and not allowing himself to be distracted, that’s exactly how it should be. In order to create such delicate works of art, a master goldsmith has to work with millimetre precision and requires a perfect knowledge of the technology as well as a strong creative spirit.

Stefan Armbruster

ollowing his apprenticeship in Innsbruck and a number of years honing his craft in Vienna, Stefan has been the business’s master goldsmith and, above all, its creative artisan for 20 years. He does not consider himself an ‘artist’, perhaps because the word is closely associated with pure aesthetics, which does not do justice to his creativity. Or maybe, as a free spirit, he simply doesn’t want to be labelled. All day long he toils away in his two-storey workshop: with files, tweezers, soldering irons, casting in gold and silver, with CAD software, wax printers and laser engravers.

Blackening, rhodium plating and setting gemstones. Designing and calculating. He stopped wearing ties long ago. He’s rarely seen in the shop, but when he does visit, the room is filled with his easy-going charisma, friendly and funny manner. And everyone thinks: yes, he’s the artist. Under their breath, however, as he doesn’t want to hear it. In his spare time, he recharges his batteries and inspiration with kite surfing; water being his element. His jewellery has its own style, which he skilfully adapt to individual customer tastes for bespoke one-off pieces and designs.
Tiroler Schmuckkastl


How is a piece of jewellery created?   

very piece of jewellery starts with an idea. This idea is then realised and further developed in CAD software until a photorealistic design is achieved.

A cast model can be made directly from this design using state-of-the-art CAM and 3D laser technology. Casting channels are attached to the model and the model is encased in plaster.

Once the perfect mould has been created, the noble metal alloy is melted and poured into this negative mould. Once the metal has solidified, it is time for the post-treatment – a new process in which the master goldsmith is sometimes allowed to give his creativity free reign.


Der Trockenheld findet, visualisiert, beweist und dokumentiert vorhandene Schäden und Energieeffizienzlücken zuverlässig.

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Casting experience for engaged couples

s a piece of jewellery, its importance surpasses any material value and aesthetic beauty, for without the loving bond between two people, it would have no meaning at all. The wedding ring is a constant companion and the undisputed symbol of love. If you commission us to make your bespoke rings, we want to make it a truly memorable experience for you. We invite you to our goldsmith’s workshop to pour the precious metal into the wedding ring mould yourself and thus be part of the creation of your rings. A little ritual just for you as a couple, a moment for two – perhaps away from any wedding preparation stress – where the focus is simply on spending time with one another. Of course, we will also raise a toast to the happy couple and provide photos of this special hour, which is reserved exclusively for you in our goldsmith’s workshop.



We’ll repair your personal items of jewellery expertly and professionally. For more complex repairs, we are happy to prepare a cost estimate in advance. We provide professional advice and, where appropriate, may also advise against a repair.


Engraving makes a piece of jewellery even more personal. You can choose between traditional manual engraving and state-of-the-art laser engraving. We also offer special custom engravings, such as family coats of arms or signet rings.

Gemstone setting

Lost a gemstone from a piece of jewellery? We will be happy to replace it for you professionally in our goldsmith’s workshop. We stock a wide range of loose gemstones. Sometimes, however, custom grinding may be required.