Whether it’s a timeless diamond solitaire or an unusual, bespoke creation, the engagement ring is the eternal symbol of one of life’s most emotional moments.

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Wedding rings

The symbol of love that we wear every day. We are here to help and advise you with your selection during this most emotional of moments.

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Bridal jewellery

For your big day, we will be happy to recommend pieces of jewellery that will really make you shine and set off your dress!

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Morning gift

What used to be a very traditional custom is now simply a beautiful opportunity for a romantic surprise after the wedding.

Partner jewellery

Two people who love one another and two rings as a symbol of their bond. Nothing more is necessary.

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Casting experience for engaged couples

A truly memorable experience: if you commission us to make your bespoke rings, we invite you to our goldsmith’s workshop to pour the precious metal into the wedding ring mould yourself. A romantic ritual in our goldsmith's workshop, reserved exclusively for you.

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