All our jewellery, whether from internationally renowned brands or handmade in ourworkshop, embodies the excellence of the goldsmith’s art.


Rings in different types of gold, understated, delicate or statement rings set with gemstones.

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Classic chain bracelets, modern combinations of leather and gold through to diamond tennis bracelets.

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As the items of jewellery worn closest to your face, earrings can really finish a look, so the shape and style are important.

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One of the most popular pieces of jewellery, we have an extensive selection of necklaces and chains for every occasion; long, short, with a pendant, classic, elegant or modern!

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Wedding rings

The symbol of love that we wear every day. We are here to help and advise you with your selection during this most emotional of moments.

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Engagement rings

Whether it’s a timeless diamond solitaire or an unusual, bespoke creation, the engagement ring is the eternal symbol of one of life’s most emotional moments.

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Men’s jewellery

Jewellery for men? But of course! Jewellery in which design, technical flair and strong material combinations are always in the foreground.

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Whether it’s choosing earrings for freshly pierced ears or selecting small bracelets or necklaces, children are usually the most decisive customers and always know exactly what they want!